Aiguille du Midi

France, Aiguille du midi

The trip start from the Chamonix city, where there is the cable cabin. I recommend you to arrive early (around the opening hours), because if the weather is good (that was my case), you will have a huge queue
First step you have to buy a ticket (45 minutes), then go to the queue to take the cable-cabin (45 minutes).
The climbing is about 30 minutes. It is composed of two steps:
- First one will climb you to a kind of plane where there is a café.
- Second one will climb you to the top of the "Aiguille du midi"

On the top you have lot of different activity:
- Museum
- Panoramic view (takes lot of time to see all the point of view)
- Step onto the void, inside a glass cage out over a 1000 m precipice
- Exposition about altitude and the effect on the body (you can mesure the O2 saturation of you blood)
- Café
- Shop

A very nice place if the weather is on your side

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  1. Gaime October 20, 2016

    C’est magnifique mon Chéri et superbes photos.

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