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Hi there, you want to see some great french movies, you are on the right page. Here you will find a compilation of my favorite french movies, envoy ūüėČ


Roaming in Europe

Hi, as you might know, now you can use your phone in the Europe without limitation, … more or less. In this article I will show you the tricky case that you have to avoid. Because not all the case are included in your contract. You have to be careful with the source and the destination of your call. The following list resume all



Annecy is a city located 35 km south of Geneva. The old city is made of old stone building, during the spring and summer the city is very nicely decorated with lot of flowers. Next to Annecy there is a lake, called, guess what…


Server Hardware update

The server got an upgrade of RAM from 4 Go to 16 Go to be ready for the Minecraft server in the end of April and run more services at the same time


Aiguille du Midi


France, Aiguille du midi





The trip start from the Chamonix city, where there is the cable cabin. I recommend you to arrive early (around the opening hours), because if the weather is good (that was my case), you will have a huge queue
First step you have to buy a ticket (45 minutes), then go to the queue to take the cable-cabin (45 minutes).
The climbing is about 30 minutes. It is composed of two steps:
- First one will climb you to a kind of plane where there is a café.
- Second one will climb you to the top of the "Aiguille du midi"

On the top you have lot of different activity:
- Museum
- Panoramic view (takes lot of time to see all the point of view)
- Step onto the void, inside a glass cage out over a 1000 m precipice
- Exposition about altitude and the effect on the body (you can mesure the O2 saturation of you blood)
- Café
- Shop

A very nice place if the weather is on your side

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