Roaming in Europe

Hi, as you might know, now you can use your phone in the Europe without limitation, … more or less. In this article I will show you the tricky case that you have to avoid. Because not all the case are included in your contract. You have to be careful with the source and the destination of your call. The following list resume all  the combination. In green are the included communications, in red the not included communication. The template is the following : Source -> Destination

  • France -> France
  • France -> Europe
  • Europe -> France
  • Europe -> Europe

So as you can see,  your calls from France to Europe are not included, they are included only if you are in Europe. So if you are living next to a border, think to cross the boarder to pass your call in Europe ;-).

Disclaimer : This resume is valuable for my sosh french contract at this time. To be sure check your contract or contact them. I decline all responsibility.

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