Leukerbad – Switzerland

Leukerbad is a small city located in Switzerland in the German spoken part. This city is nice and surrounded by mountains giving great landscape with the house make of wood. This city is knowned for it’s thermal water source. You can do a mall hike to explore the thermal water source. From Leukerbad you can also take a cable cabin to rich the top one mountain, from here you can hike by following the lake path or you follow the ice path. Of course it is not mandatory to take the cable cabin, you can take the classic path with step in the stone. This path seems very nice but a bit more dangerous. As a conclusion, this place is very nice during summer as you can avoid the summer warm.

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  1. Gaime Alain September 7, 2017

    Bons équilibre des cadrages, belles couleurs. Ma préférée est la dernière.
    Bravo et bisous à tous les deux.

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