Lucerne – Switzerland

Lucerne is a city located in the center of Switzerland. It is surrounded by beautiful nature, lakes and mountains. One of the best way to get a good overview of the area is to do the so called golden round trip. It consists of taking different transport ways, like: boat, cogtrain railway and cable cabin to enjoy all the landscapes of the region. This trip is designed to be done in one day without running if you start early enough. You will start from Lucern and take a boat for 1h30 trip on the lake to reach Alpnachstad. From Alpnachstad you change your transport and you will take a cogtrain which climb to the top of Pilatus. From the top you can explore the surroundings and enjoy the exceptional viewpoint. To go back to Lucerne, you can take the the cable cabin to go down, the trip is quite impressive and you can see the other side of the area. I definitely recommend this trip as it easy, beautiful and fits in one day. If you want more information, you can check the Golden round trip website

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