Raspberry pi model comparative

Rapsberry pi

The raspberry pi is mini computer running linux distribution. This mini computer is a good way to learn linux, to code, to develop small project. The community around it is huge and propose lot of project to turn you Raspberry Pi into a media center, emulation platform, ad blocker, etc… One other advantage is that it is very small and cheep. To start properly using your raspberry Pi, I recommend you to take some extra stuff as a SD card for the OS, a Micro USB cable to power it and case to protect it.  For around 50 € you can have a working kit. But today there is lot of  models to help you to pic the right one, bellow you will find a table containing all the models comparing computing power.  If you want more information you can have a look to the Rapsberry Pi website

Raspberry Pi B10.7 GHz512 MB
Rapsberry Pi A+10.7 GHz256 MB
Raspberry Pi 240.9 GHz1024 MB
Raspberry Pi Zero11 GHz512 MB
Raspberry Pi 341.2 GHz1024 MB
Raspberry Pi 3 B+41.4 GHz1024 MB
Raspberry Pi 3 A+41.4 GHz512 MB

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