Photography Science

CERN – Antimatter factory

During the open days at CERN, I had the opportunity to visit the antimatter factory. It is composed of differents experiments: Elena, Alpha. During this visit I was able to take some pictures of magnets which interact with the beam. There is 2 things that we can do with the beam: Accelerate / Decelerate and Bent it’s trajectory. To accelerate the beam, radiofrequencies cavities are used. To change the trajectory magnets are used. On the picture on the side you can see in blue a dipole magnets which is able to bent the beam trajectory.


Geneva Motor show 2018

Geneva motorshow 2018 is a yearly meeting where all the car manufacturer meet to present their new models. It goes from the small city compact car to the fastest car. This place is great to take picture because all the cars are perfectly exposed clean, and best of it you can try some of them. Of course not every body can try the new Bugatti Veyron. But if you are seriously considering buying it, you have a chance to try it. This year the car of the year, the Volvo XC40 was presented with it’s totally new design.