Computer Server


Hi everybody, good news, I annonce you a new service available… GitLab. GitLab is a web service that allow you create your own git repository. It allows also to manage access, invite people, monitor the activity. And best news, this is free. If you are interested, feel free to create your account, you can go to You can find all the services on the server dedicated page (link here).



Storm with lightning, I really like taking picture of it. By taking a picture you can figure out that your are missing lot off informations with your eye. With a picture you can annalyse all the details of it. The lighting is produce by a strong discharge of energy between the sky and the earth or jump between clouds. The light and the sound are prodiuce by the air phase change from gaz to plasma (same phase in neon tube). If you want to learn how to take pictures of lightning, I recomand you my tutorial here.